Post-doctoral Fellow – Cell Cycle and Cancer Biology – Oklahoma City, USA. Roberto Pezza, PhD Job Summary/Basic Function:

We are currently accepting applications for positions at the level of postdoctoral fellow. We are developing projects in genetics and biochemistry of the meiotic homologous recombination. We aim to define the molecular mechanisms directing the pre- and postsynaptic events involved in the repair of double strand break through homologous recombination. We are particularly interested in establishing the role of newly indentified proteins in these processes. We offer an excellent research environment and opportunities for career advancement. Our laboratory has a strong expertise and published record in biochemistry, mouse genetics and molecular biology. Minimum Qualifications: Ph.D. or Ph.D./M.D. Preferred Qualifications: A candidate should have a doctoral degree in biochemistry or genetics. We will give priority to applicant with a strong interest and expertise in DNA repair systems and chromosome dynamics in meiosis. Experience with expression cDNA libraries, recombinant protein expression studies, and functional characterization of genes especially in the mouse model will be given preference. Interested individuals should send CV, and reference information to: